Getting up to speed…

So this is the first blog post!  So much has happened that I don’t know where to begin.

In January 2011, I started writing this screenplay after Bill Oberst Jr. inquired about my next project.  In September, after many late nights writing, and re-writing segments, I had “Coyote,” an intense pseudo-horror, psychological art piece.

Bill, furniture mover by day, amateur fiction writer by night, explores his paranoia and anger sometimes unknowingly in his empty new home.  Bill’s vivid imagination runs amok when sleep deprivation challenges his perceptions, driving him to violence.  As Bill feeds his delusions, we see that there is more to the aggression than just the lack of sleep.  It’s a brutal, surreal psychological trip.

Luckily after moths of writing, Mr. Oberst found some fondness for the script, and we were off!  Nick Walters and I drove around Southern Illinois to video some angry looking dogs, worms, etc.; I completed a thirty second promo, and the Indiegogo page was created.

That’s approximately where we are now.  Although, I’ve added some excellent crew members.  Mike Schiralli (HP Sneakstep) composed for the promo.  The 30 seconds didn’t give him time to flex, but the man is an artist.  David Rodriguez (Mindfeargore FX, NYC) signed on recently to create the plethora of insane effects in the film.  Much more on Dave as we progress.

So far, so good, I guess.  Everyone seems enthusiastic and excited about the project.  I’m working with talent that’s been basically out of my league for other films.  Just $3919 more to go…


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