Moving Right Along


Still an insomniac.  Here’s a photo of me this morning at 7:15 am.  Another night with no rest.  At least I was productive:

After what seems like an eternity I’ve finally worked my way through fixing all the typos and the continuity errors in Coyote.  I’ve had some time to distance myself from the screenplay.  It’s better than I remembered!  I was afraid I had something that was too serious for its own good.

Bill Oberst is a brave man.  The “Bill” character goes through such physical trials.  It’s an exhausting read.  This would be a major test for any actor, and he hasn’t even shrugged at the content.  The guy is talented and confident.  Fake blood doesn’t have a pleasant feel.  There’s a whole lot of nastiness, particularly ooze, that interacts with the character throughout the film.

– It’s like a really fucked up Flubber.

When Nick (Walters) read the screenplay, he started talking to me about effective use of jump cuts in editing; that it would create a frantic psychosis kind of feel.  I don’t know how I ever saw it another way.  A lot of these scenes read exactly like jump cuts.  Sometimes things work themselves out in your subconscious.

…so anyway.  A new version of the screenplay is complete. Wahoo!  I don’t think all of these storyboards can be finished in one sleepless night though.  There’s always more work to do.  I predict more zombie webcam photos from 7am.


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