The Teaser

This video has been circulating around my vimeo and on the main page of indiegogo.  Worms, dogs, evolution — what does it all mean?  That’s a good question…

The cinematography is of items, animals, etc. with a large presence in the film.  The typewriter rivals our supporting cast for screen time, and serves as a gateway into the mind of Bill.  Bill’s phobia of dogs is thoroughly explored throughout the film as well.  The title “Coyote” is a reference to Bill’s struggles with canines in his childhood and adult life.

The voice over you hear there is of Bill, and actually appears in the film, although the teaser version is slightly abridged.  This is one of a few monologues/diatribes/asides/rantings that appear in the film.  It’s one of the less hateful ones. 😉

There is a narrative storyline to Coyote. The film is nonlinear, however, and tricky to summarize… It’s a tragedy.


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