Big knife? No. HUGE KNIFE!!!! YESSSS!

Bill's BowieFor the knife connoisseur:  I’d been looking for the right knife for “Bill” for a couple of months now.  I admit it wasn’t a really strenuous search.  I bought a pretty cool survival knife with a 9 1/2 inch blade, but its size was underwhelming upon its arrival.  When I was a child, I had this gigantic bowie knife, at least it seemed gigantic at the time.  I’d cut pennies in half with it in my room, and subsequently destroy my carpet and floors unintentionally.  That’s the kind of menacing looking knife I was after.  I think we found something better.

Bill’s Bowie, pictured above, is about as big as you can get…12″ blade…It’s made to kill giants.  I’m delighted every time I look at it.

Another key prop is on the horizon.  I should have that and some storyboard stick-figures and incoherent scribbles with the next update. David and I are trying to work on something long distance.  2012 is going to be a great year.


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