Moonshine and Coyote Skins

I had a good night of drinking moonshine and ranting about the film with Nick (Walters).  We powered through 13 scenes of story boarding collectively; no great feet.  There’s something like 150 total, so working at the same rate, we’d both need to spend 90 more hours working out this film.  It’s going to be a long couple of weeks!  Ten hours well spent, though.  Nick added a ton of insight to some of these sequences.  Logistically planning really elaborate shots with hidden transitions can be daunting.  There’s always the chance that a small overlooked detail ruins the entire effect, so it’s great to get another professional’s scrutinous eye looking for potential hangups and then workarounds for those hangups.

I was going to wait for some scans of our poorly-drawn storyboards, but I got a special something in the mail today!

New Coyote SkinHow frightening is that shit!?  The titular…um…wardrobe for Coyote.  There’s also that bowie knife sneaking in somewhere there just subtle enough to make you wonder…

Anyway, stick around for some more updates of the storyboard variety sometime in the next 24 hrs.


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