I’m doing boring things… How about some POV progress?

Today I’ve been putting off storyboards and Art Direction notes (It’s 4pm and Carrie is still sleeping) to pretend like I know anything at all about the future of filmmaking on IM’s and G+.  Sometimes, I need a little affirmation to keep up the pace.

In less boring news:

Did you catch Nick’s POV (Point-of-View) camera prototype?  In case, you don’t feel like sorting through old posts (it’s actually just my last one.)  Here’s the first video:

Nick’s been kind enough to document the progression with the lens/rig.  Follow along at home.  Just get out your dremel, 6mm lens, and vice and start grinding away.  I’m kidding; dremel tools and vice grips are incredibly rare. 🙂

I can’t express enough how awesome Nick is!  Not only is he doing some extremely tedious work to give you all the most unpleasant viewing experience possible with Coyote, but he also shows off these rigs with a little bit of entertainment, choking tripods an whatnot.

Sometimes I’m torn about living in St. Louis.  I feel like there isn’t a lot of talent in the local film scene.  It really sucks to find someone that can do the things I want to ask of them.  That said, if Nick lived in a bigger film community, he’d have too many paying gigs to work with me.  I’m a pessimist though, so fuck STL. 😉

UPDATE:  Nick just uploaded some footage of his 12mm POV.


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