A word from Bill Oberst Jr:

Isn’t Bill excellent?  He’s a one of a kind, and has been all kinds of help through preproduction.  Haven’t heard of Bill Oberst Jr?  He’s been in a plethora of low budget horror films lately, and a few high profile music videos.  Check out his page and bio (under the cast tab at the top of the page).

Also, check out Bill’s Coyote Blog Entry.  Ignore the parts where he says good things about me.  It’ll ruin his credibility.  😉

That blog is excellent by the way.  Bill insists he’s not much of a writer, but he’s got a genuine attitude that shows in everything the guy does.  I’m excited to drive this guy to the edge, then push him over.

What else is excellent?  We’ve hit 1/8 of our budget on Indiegogo.  We’re still way behind schedule, but there’s a dent.  $3499 left!

I’ve put off storyboards for the night to work on endless lists of props/art direction notes with Carrie.  I dread organizing all of the storyboards and notes.  There are at least 3 notebooks with randomly placed notes in them, maybe more.

No webcam photo.  It’s only 2 AM, and I have the privilege of my wonderful PC, and horribly uncomfortable desk chair.

How long until July?


2 thoughts on “Excellence

    1. Bill is phenomenal.

      All casting inquiries should go through my email. I’ll be sure to post something on the blog when we start casting some non-female roles.

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