Where do we go from here?

As I’ve been working on storyboards and excruciating detail work, this question has come to mind: “In which direction do I go with the direction of the blog?”

I could keep you all in the loop with all of my storyboards, give access to the screenplay, and let you all know about very fine, and potentially pretty boring stuff going on with the film.  Obviously, that would make for more blog posts, and I’ve always thought it’s perfectly fine to know what happens in a film before you see it.  I like to divulge plot points, but definitely understand that it makes an enormous difference in the viewing experience.

You could also just ignore the posts with spoilers, but I don’t want to write to no audience.

So, here are the choices:  Keep this baby thriving with new updates at least once a week, and know all there is to know about the film before you have a chance to see it, or do updates at least once a month, letting you in on all of the major developments in casting, FX, etc. without any kind of plot spoilers.

Comment here to cast your vote.  Just say spoilers or no.  Thanks for participating.  I won’t publish the comments unless you write something more than 2 words.


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