The Poster

After my original plans for a poster fell through, I whipped this up.  Generally, a poster image comes before any video or any… anything promotional with a film.  I’ve been working way out of order!

Yesterday, I showed this poster image to a class.  Students thought the typewriter and text were digitally introduced.  How nuts!  The only portion of the shot they considered “real” was the pillar and background.

Well, they’re wrong.  Here’s proof:

There’s something wrong with my thumb…

…or maybe it’s a photoshop cover-up.

If you have a blog, FB, whatever.  Publish this poster with a fury.  We should have alternates after the production begins, but this is what we’re rolling with until then, and it’s still a long way to July.

I’m updating some of the crew’s videos right now (Nick’s and mine), so for more insight into our style, go check out our pages.

Finally, we’re going with the spoilers.  Keep checking in every week for updates. 🙂


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