When you make a film on no budget, bad things happen.  It’s like the only constant in the universe.  People have various levels of motivation when it comes to films especially when they aren’t getting paid. In my experience, the flakiest people have been actors.  You plan for months, only to have the talent cancel at the last possible moment, or even worse, just stop answering your phone calls the day they’re supposed to be on camera.  Johnny be Gone suffered this, when I had to step in and play a major role.  Similarly, Hermetica was riddled with disastrous problems.  Coyote can’t hide from it either.

After months of communication with our FX artist, I’m afraid we’re going to have to find a new one.  I can live with missing a few deadlines, but after a while, excuses start to look like lies.  There were reportedly multiple projects that were ready to go, but no real evidence (photos) of any of it.  Concept art that was supposed to be scanned, never came.  When I finally pressured the guy to produce something…anything, he had someone else answer his phone and pretend not to know him.

…so this is the shit you have to deal with on no-budgets.  We’re months in, and not only am I losing ground on the FX that I thought were done, but I also have to find a new artist really quickly.

That said, I’m used to this level of flakiness.  It sucks, but if you can’t roll with the punches, you’ll never finish a film.  Is anyone out there a practical FX artist?  We might be seeing a lot of FX projects from me on this blog. 🙂

Less disheartening post coming in the AM.


2 thoughts on “Casualties

    1. I’m sincerely thinking about it. I’m talking to someone out of Florida at the moment, but the challenge of pulling some of this stuff off has to be at least slightly deterring for an FX person. Local is a plus, so I think you made about the best suggestion I’ve heard. Thanks, man.

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