Donate Your Old Stuff to Carrie’s List of Art Direction Needs

Carrie decided to save us some money by putting out a classified wanted ad for some of the items she needs for the film.

For those of you outside our locality, I don’t believe the pickup applies, but if you’ve got some of these items and you’d be willing to ship them to us, I’d gladly use them in the film (pending Carrie’s approval).  If you are local to St. Louis or roundabouts, I encourage you to comment on this entry (not email), and we’ll be in touch.

——Carrie’s Message——

Hi! My name is Carrie, and I am working on the local independent film ‘COYOTE’ from director Trevor Juenger.

I am doing the art production for the film, meaning it is my responsibility to acquire the props and to dress the sets! This is where YOU come in! We are a very low-budget production, so most of the items would need to be donated. I will be happy to come and pick up any of the items on my list, even if they need hauled out of your basement 🙂 Most of the items I am seeking I’m sure you would be happy to part with!

Any help with the film is genuinely appreciated, and the director will give you a special thanks on the production blog, as well!

Please e-mail me if you would like to donate any of the items on the list!
If you would like to help in other ways, feel free to e-mail me, as well!

*Green couch-lightly to moderately worn would be great, but it can be tattered & loved, too
*Victorian style couch-any level of wear
*Couch with a hide-away bed-any level of wear
*Rabbit key chain-any kind at all, even a rabbit’s foot
*Fold out table- square or yard sale-type(the long ones) the older the better!
*Wooden chair-the older the better! Cob webs and dust are a plus!! Also, any chair that is just odd for one reason or another.
*Coffee mug-one with a humorous phrase such as “I’m up and dressed- what more do you want?” or “Number One Grandma”
*VHS camcorder- non-working, and once again, the older the better!
*Digital alarm clock
*Plain white fitted sheet & top sheet (Queen)
*Feather pillow-nothing is too old!
*OLD mailbox w/flag
*Wooden picture frames
*Luggage/suitcase-the older the better!
*Dashboard hula girl
*Pine tree air freshener-the older the better!
*Lawn Nativity scene figures-even if you only have one or two stray ones
*Old (working) TV set
*Circular saw(working)
*Various glass jars-Mason, or baby food, or salsa or whatever!
*Rusted screwdriver
*Small bedside table
*Coffee table
*Fur Rug
*ANYTHING TAXIDERMY RELATED-animals, books on it, parts(glass eyes)
*Kitchen mat/rug
*Paintbrushes-ALL TYPES
*Plastic shovel & pail
*Tackle box
*Fishing poles-Fly and Traditional, maybe cane
*Fishing Vest
*Fishing bucket hat
*Lawn chairs-the older the better!!


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