Epic Schedule

coyote schedule

Here’s the tentative Schedule I’ve been working on since before I can remember.  It’s finally finished!  You can’t even imagine the relief I feel after getting all these scenes worked in nicely over the month of July.  We only have Bill for 3 weeks instead of my anticipated 4, so the schedule became super-condensed.  We’re basically shooting for 12 hours a day, which will be absolutely brutal.  I’ve overestimated shooting times for a few of the scenes, so HOPEFULLY we’ll have some down time between day and night shoots.  Still, there’s not a lot of room for error.

…so have yourself a peek at this daunting, mammoth production schedule.  It’ll probably make very little sense to you unless you have a scene numbered script, but I’m proud of this beast and want to show it off.

We’re three days away from the final month of funding on the indiegogo campaign.  I’ll be dropping a pretty substantial sum on it in the next 4 days.  We’ll be pushing really hard in the last month, so if you haven’t contributed yet, there’s no time better than the present.  If you have, you can always chip in a couple of extra bucks.  Tell your friends, won’t you?


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