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Indiegogo Culmination, pt. 2

Just when I thought I was going to let the final few days dwindle, there’s been another surge in views, donations, etc. for Coyote.  Nick Brian Walters, our resident renaissance man and the best Director of Photography living in the Midwest, produced us this fine pitch.

I was a total fucking idiot, and forgot to pick up Mr. Walters for our launch party.  He’s been so integral to the development of this project, and not so bad at promoting it either. 😉

I owe you a bag of that pipe tobaccy next time I see you, Nick!  You kick ass.

If this was entertaining for you, be sure to subscribe to Nick’s vlogs where he talks about all kinds of stuff from the comfort of his blanket fort.


Indiegogo Culmination

Thanks to Generous donations from Arlin Juenger, our new associate producer, and the wonderful people that came out to the very excellent Crack Fox venue, we’re so, so close to hitting our goal.  We’re a measly 30 dollars short.  Who can put us over the top?

Brian Staak in costume from "Coyote"

Brian Staack dressed up like Bill from Coyote for our party.  Doesn’t he look great!?

So I think there are a few thank you’s in order from some of the recent press we’ve gotten.

FilmBizarro‘s Preston Carnell conducted a wonderful interview with Bill and me.

Blogger Banacek put together an excellent article with the help of Oberst on Beasts in Human Skin.

Seth Metoyer from Morehorror put a piece together for us.

Waaaay back in November, Paul Pritchard gave us our first nod on Pulp Movies.

Everybody with a link in here really stuck their necks out endorsing an unfunded film.  What do you have with internet presence if not a reputation.

The indiegogo campaign ends in 4 days. We’ll still accept preorders of the film after Thursday, but I won’t be cramming it down your throats again until we’re done shooting the thing. Finally, I can get back to working on storyboards, location scouting, and trying like hell to find an inexpensive animal handler that’ll travel to St. Louis.  Are there animal handlers in St. Louis?

Go Blues!

The Ultimate Spoiler

I’ve been back and forth on whether or not I should post this, but since Richard really wants to produce Coyote before I can, I thought I’d lend him a helping hand.

You all now have an inside look at what we’ll be producing this summer: COYOTE Screenplay

This is the first 30 pages of Coyote.  It should give you some insight to the character and structure of the narrative.  We bound around through time, fantasy, and dream often, hopefully in a seamless fashion, but that’s for you to decide.

God help us all.  Production begins on Coyote July 1.