Meet Joe!

It’s been about two weeks since the indiegogo wrapped up, and my last post here.  There’ve been a few developments recently.

The biggest news is that Bill Finkbiner will be playing Joe.

Bill Finkbiner

We all feel the physical contrast between Bill and Bill…wait… “Bill” and “Joe” is exactly what we were looking for.  Don’t let the collared shirt and pleasant disposition deceive you.  The guy is a six-foot-tall bodybuilder, and plays a pretty convincing racist.

I’ll get a cast page for Bill with a bio and some sample videos in the next week.

Some new camera rigs are almost ready.  I desperately need to meet up with Nick for some test shots.  I think we might meet up and make a little short with elements from Coyote if all goes as planned.

Still no progress on finding a dog.  There’ve been several leads that have lead nowhere and wasted some time, but I remain optimistic that we won’t have to use an untrained animal (I guess it wouldn’t be SO terrible).

Art direction is coming along nicely.  We’ve gotten quite a few generous donations, and accumulated enough “junk” to accommodate about 1/8 of my basement.  Most of Bill’s wardrobe is complete.  We’re still looking for more taxidermy, tents, and lots and lots of paper.

Storyboards are progressing SLOWLY.  I’m about 30 pages into it.  That’s over 1/3!

Back to work!


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