Camera Rig Nonsense

Boot Cam

  • Step 1: Drill a hole in an old boot
  • Step 2: Screw a dowel into the toe of the boot
  • Step 3: Put camera in boot
  • Step 4: Smash things with boot

So I had a couple of hours to spare today, and I needed to get these camera rigs on their way.  I’ve had a raimi-esque shot in mind for a face stomp in the film for a couple of months now.  It turns out that it’s a fairly simple build, which is good since we only need it for one shot.  It actually seems more difficult to light than anything, but that’s Nick’s problem. 😉

Also!!!  I got this neat little flycam contraption in from India.  Since Nick’s sold off his professional steadicam, I decided to try out one of these really cheap stabilizers from ebay.  It works pretty well actually.  I had a nightmare balancing the thing, until I realized the power button switching from off to on threw the whole thing off.  This thing WOULD NOT WORK if we were using cameras much bigger than the mighty little GH13.  Still, for less than $150, I’m really happy with the results.

NOW, watch a couple of seconds of me smashing my shoe with a boot and some raw flycam footage.


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