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Victoria Mullen as “Jesse”

ImageBetter late than never, right?  I had a few issues with the paperwork, but we’ve finally cast the love interest of the film.  Victoria’s got a pretty excellent resume and pretty awesome formula for auditioning.  She’s resolved to (in a worst case scenario, mind you) sleeping in a tent in my backyard, while the other rooms of my house are occupied.  That’s some dedication!  We’ll have more time to get to know Victoria late in June when she arrives in St. Louis for EFX work.  Mullen’s page under the cast tab is now active if you’d like to read a little more about her.

Other Quick Updates:

The dog situation should be worked out by next week.

Vagina camcorder is all done (no RC unfortunately, we’re going to have to puppeteer this one)

Things are still progressing with art direction.  There is a ton of stuff to find out of this screenplay.  It feels like every day is a scavenger hunt.

That hole in my backyard isn’t going to dig itself.

I passed off all field recorder learning and a violin to Mike Schiralli.  Mike got married recently.  Congrats, Mike!

More storyboards for the next two days!  I have to get through them for a meeting with Nick Walters next week.

Stay tuned…


Test Film

I may have gotten a teensy bit carried away with this…

So here’s a promo for the film below.  More of an excuse to play with the POV rig.

And here’s a short featuring a ton of the experimental camera rigs we’ve been talking about here on the blog, shot in Bill’s house (one of the locations we’ll be using for Coyote), with a ton of other experimental nonsense that may or may not be incorporated into the big bad daddy, Coyote.

Why do this?  All of these rigs have been labeled “experimental”  since we’ve never really used them outside of extremely rudimentary tests.  Also, it’s been… at least a few months since we’ve gotten together to work on anything besides the planning of Coyote, so it’s good to work off the rust before the big show.  Making a little short can alleviate both of those concerns somewhat.

Here’s what we’ve tested now thoroughly:

  • Car Rig
  • Pocket Dolly
  • Slider
  • Large Waterproof Enclosure
  • Flycam Nano
  • POV Cam
  • Tons of Lenses

What have we learned?  Oh so much!  Basically all of those experimental rigs are no longer experimental.  Ready to go.  Unfortunately, our range of acceptable lenses has dwindled due to some ugly bokeh on the cheaper CCTV wide angle lenses, but believe me, it’s SO much better to learn this before we started shooting the feature.

…and there’s still more to test.  I’ve got that pesky boot cam to alter, my new field recorder (for audio), as well as fix the dolly track (piece of wood…er shit), but for the most part we’re ready to jump into FX tests, which is incredibly exciting!  I’m told Friday evening, I’ll get my first look at the completed Insect Man head.  Fun, fun!

In other news:

I’ve got a solid lead on a “wild dog” that’s actually local and won’t cost me double the film’s entire budget (I had someone quote me at $100k for animal handling fees, HA!).  I’ve also all but cast “Jesse.”  We’ve just got to work out the schedule.

Speaking of the schedule, we’ve gained an extra week with Bill (yay!), but have to rework the current schedule entirely (boo!).  More on that stuff next week.

I added a page for Mr. Finkbiner under the cast tab.  It’s mostly what you’d find at, but it’s all at the click of your mouse, so that’s easier, right?  Fuck typing.  There’s a trailer on there that isn’t on imdb though.  On that note, there’s a page on IMDB for Coyote now.  Go and “like” it, or whatever you do on that page.

Good luck to you all making your own Coyote!  If you rework the schedule before me, let me know.  I’m going to beat myself over the head with it until it fixes itself.

More late nights ahead…