Victoria Mullen as “Jesse”

ImageBetter late than never, right?  I had a few issues with the paperwork, but we’ve finally cast the love interest of the film.  Victoria’s got a pretty excellent resume and pretty awesome formula for auditioning.  She’s resolved to (in a worst case scenario, mind you) sleeping in a tent in my backyard, while the other rooms of my house are occupied.  That’s some dedication!  We’ll have more time to get to know Victoria late in June when she arrives in St. Louis for EFX work.  Mullen’s page under the cast tab is now active if you’d like to read a little more about her.

Other Quick Updates:

The dog situation should be worked out by next week.

Vagina camcorder is all done (no RC unfortunately, we’re going to have to puppeteer this one)

Things are still progressing with art direction.  There is a ton of stuff to find out of this screenplay.  It feels like every day is a scavenger hunt.

That hole in my backyard isn’t going to dig itself.

I passed off all field recorder learning and a violin to Mike Schiralli.  Mike got married recently.  Congrats, Mike!

More storyboards for the next two days!  I have to get through them for a meeting with Nick Walters next week.

Stay tuned…


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