Locations, Coyote and more!

Scouting locations is a tough business.  Carrie and I were lost for 6 hours in the Missouri Ozarks trying to make our way home from checking out a few shots from EXT. FISHING RESORT – DAY.  Unfortunately, some of the shots I was hopeful for, kind of suck.  It’ll take another drive out to Current River in hopes of finding a perfect shot from the bluffs of a riverbank.

This one’s good though:

That shot lasts less than 10 seconds of the film.  Bill and Joe cross this walkway waterfall on a fishing trip.Image

Joe and Bill both make their way cautiously across a dam at
the end of a stream. Joe leads in a pair of rubber waders.
Bill follows in a pair of rubber boots, carrying fishing
poles and tackle boxes.

I’m very glad this scene has no dialogue.  Rushing water is loud.

After that scene, we’ll bust out the “Bingo Bag” and get a shot of Bill catching a fish from underwater.

"Bingo Bag"
Me and the “Bingo Bag”

It’s pretty awesome that you can get some underwater footage for less than 30 bucks nowadays.  I love tiny cameras!


I shot some way cooler video than this, but that’s reserved for a short Carrie has in mind.  Lens manipulation is impossible with this thing.  That’s always been a problem, even with the expensive equipment.  Believe it or not, there are some situations when autofocus can be your friend.

Here’s a photo of the titular character of the film, and our new house pet!


It took a lot of looking, but we found ourselves a nice coyote lookalike.  The script calls for a “wild dog,” which Bill confuses for a coyote, so she’s going to get a couple of touch ups from Jim and co. to match the coyote’s natural colors a bit more.

More FX:


The Coyote skin we’ve seen so much of has been made over.  The insect heads (there are 3 versions now) are headed toward completion.  I’m not allowed to post video, but the puppet version can move imprecisely now. 

I’ve also seen a big ass fake rock.  So there’s that too.

There’s still just absolutely tons of shit to do.  Wardrobe is unfinished.  There’s like 4 more roles left to fill.  Lots of scouting still.  I need a wheelbarrow to continue the grave digging.  Still a good gap of storyboards, and some more special effects to complete. I might be back with some tar and frozen blood next time.  Until then, STAY AWAKE!


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