It seems there aren’t many filmmakers eager to give up their blood recipes.  I’ve used Raimi’s tried and true karo syrup and food coloring (too thick for a sprayer) since before I can remember, but I’ve always wanted THIS:

Argento’s blood, in my opinion is the pinnacle, paramount, ultimate horror movie blood.  Now who’s got a good recipe for a thin, vibrant red blood that can be pushed through a pressure sprayer system?  Don’t think too long.  I’ve got one right here!

Blood Pump
My DIY blood pump. Garden sprayer rigged to clear tubing and heat shrink tubing (to lay flat on actor).

“Coyote” Blood Recipe:

Makes 1 QT for sprayer:
1 QT Tomato juice from concentrate
5 packets flavor-aide (kool-aide knockoff)
2 Tbs red food coloring
2 Tbs corn starch
PS –  it stains the shit out of you.

Blood IngredientsThose sprayer guns can get clogged pretty easily.  I experimented with a few bases, but almost all of them caused some kind of clog along the way, or looked to grainy etc.

Here’s what it becomes:

Blood Skin TestYou can add a drop or two of blue food coloring to give it a more “realistic” look, but why do that when you can go RED!?  This shot is properly white balanced under florescent lights BTW.  If you plan on tweaking the color to your picture, you might want to do different blood color tests with your color correction tests.


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