Still SO much to do

Judy SandersonSo here’s a sample of graded footage from the film!  It’s only a frame, but let’s take it slow before delving into all of the content we have from this truly extraordinary adventure.

It’s been a week since we wrapped.  I’ve been working around the clock on a first rough cut edit of the film, and I’m glad to say I’ve powered myself through it.  We’re sitting pretty at a 1 hour 20 min running time at the moment.  I’d love to slim that down to 1:15 before a few additional (very short) scenes slide into place along with the end credits.  If we end up back at the 1:20 mark from all that I’d be really happy.

I hope we haven’t heard the last from Nick.  He’s got access to the blog, so he can enlighten us with the last couple of vlogs he hasn’t posted yet.

Speaking of Nick, he’s really outdone himself.  Some of this work is absolutely outstanding.  I’m really happy we brought out the f/.75, and all of the experimental rigs.  At one point, Nick jumped 4 foot from a moving boat, ran through thistle bushes, etc. for a shot.  Outstanding effort, sir!

Nick and ICan we talk about all of the extremes Bill goes through in this film yet?  Nope.

Bill before a takeWhat an intense and awesome dude!  It’s incredible to watch him do something horribly disgusting and then turn out a Hamlet soliloquy without a second thought.  Bill would be the kindest, gentlest person off screen, then flip out into a misogynistic rage within a moment.  For as much smoke I feel is being blown up my ass with the “king of horror” title, this guy is the real deal.  I had the chance to see a HUGE range of emotions and actions from the man, and he certainly didn’t disappoint.  It’s always nice to have an actor to sell it in the moments your not so sure about, and to make the moments that would have been good anyway fucking magical.

Godspeed Bill!  Good luck on your other projects between now and ADR.

…so where does that leave us?

Well, we’ve still got quite a few FX setups that we’ll be picking up sometime in September.  There are a couple of green screen shots, and a car chase to be filmed in that time as well.  In the meantime, there’s so, so much editing to be done.  Audio hasn’t been placed yet.  Foley needs recorded.

I’ll give you a new screenshot every week, or something better.  Keep checking in.


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