Back to Work!

I’ve had several distractions lately from Coyote, but I think it’s put me in a good place to get some major work done over the next week.  I sat down with composer, Michel Schiralli, yesterday to watch the current cut of the film.  I seem to have forgotten that I’ve color graded almost all of the footage already.  It looks pretty nice, but sounds really awful.  There’s a LOT of audio work still, including ADR with Bill Finkbiner that he probably doesn’t even know about yet.  Sorry Bill.  He hates ADR.

In my absence, Mr. Oberst has done some nice PR for us.  He pushed a rough scene from the film at a horror convention somewhere in Middle America.  According to him, it caught people’s attention, but I can’t help but think he’s a little biased about the project. 😉

So off we go on a trailer!  I have a teeny-tiny idea of how to go about editing this, but hopefully a lightening bolt of inspiration strikes my brain soon.  Mike JUST sent me a rough version of some music for said trailer.  This is going to be great.

Speaking of brains, a pickup FX shot of a human brain should be done soon.  I just picked up the mold to put it all together.  Originally the idea was to use an animal brain, but there are more issues trying to pull that off than I care to list.

Here’s a photo for Mr. Finkbiner to keep him from killing me during our future ADR session.  This is one of those f/.75 campfire shots that Nick developed.  The only existent light source is a fire.  Flickerbox? Don’t be a noob.



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