The state of contemporary mainstream filmmaking is a farce. Bloated budgets, excessive commercialization, and pandering to the general audience has driven the mindful viewer to other media for intellectual stimulation. We live in an era that, as we’ve been told, would bring about a democratization of film, yet the same mindless drivel is defecated from major studios, and the amateur filmmaker tries his damnedest to shape his own feces into something representative of that. Enough shit! Enough with the hackneyed garbage scripts about cops and robbers, a man and woman falling in love, and flatulence to appeal to the 3 year old in the audience.
Let’s not rebuild the industry. It’s too far gone. Instead, let us embrace the past and build a new future: one that treats the medium of film as an art, not a business; one that empowers the filmmaker over his lofty financers and frees him to create whatever, however he chooses. For an audience that is finally media literate, we must create content to accommodate this literacy, and cease the cultivation of values considered proper by social norms.

We must disregard regulation of our art. The re-editing of a film for an American television audience is revolting. Never should the message be altered to shelter the viewer from art, or worse yet, to inject commercial advertisements. Television and multiplexes should not be the preferred avenue of distribution for filmmakers. They reinforce the flawed regulation and censorship that has plagued the independent filmmaker by influencing the social arena of filmmaking.

Let us then define ourselves as something outside the studio’s influence. “Independent” was stolen from us before many even had access to a camera. We are true independents, with zero connection to any major studio, and starting now, we will no longer behave in a manner that perpetuates the studio’s agenda.

We encourage you to join us. Wake up from the nightmare of viewers judging you for creating art that doesn’t resemble a “regular movie.” Forget the ridiculous idea that you can’t make something worthwhile without a budget. Dust off your dirty old camcorder, and capture moving images that stimulate you, and piece them together in a way that stimulates you further. Revolt against the studios and false independents, and inspire others to join the revolution.

I hereby pledge my allegiance to the DIY Kino Manifesto.

Art-house structuralists?  Yeah, basically.  Carlsson, Larsen, and I (also a plethora of yet unnamed filmmakers) have been making films in really similar ways for years now.  Our films are sometimes radically different in terms of content and style, but we all agreed on a few basic principles in guiding our present and near future methods of production.  I think it’s strongest concept is empowering the artist.  You must write, direct, and edit your films.  It’s that kind of personal touch in every nuance of a film that creates a unique experience for the viewer.  It may not necessarily be “good,” but certainly unique.  Isn’t that what film fans have been clamoring for?



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