Holy Shit: Epic Timeline part 1

For the last three days I’ve been sorting through my seemingly endless .wav onset  recordings.  In the chaos of shooting 16 hour days, I unfortunately made a delirious bad call, and decided to not sort through them in the moment.  The result was six folders labeled “bigmessyaudio_,” of which sorting through (especially when your slate guy (usually me) forgets scene numbers) becomes particularly tedious.

I’m finished! 5am last night, I didn’t have the mental wherewithal to make this blog post, but you can’t possibly begin to understand the relief I’m starting to feel about getting my audio all synced.  I still feel like I’ve missed something.

Syncing audio doesn’t seem so difficult.  I work on 2 hour + edits all of the time.  Look at all of those fucking cuts though.  This is the most staccato project I’ve ever edited.  It’s some intense shit.

epictimelineI’ve started to get rough versions of Mike Schiralli’s score, which sound like totally completed versions.  It’s a desperately needed layer to the film.  The tracks bring life and cohesion to scenes otherwise confusing.  Well, they still might confuse, but you can at least tackle sequences in sections, rather than think “big picture” the whole time.  I so wish I could post a sample of the score.  I’m sure Mike will do that eventually, and I’ll repost it here when the time comes.  Beautiful and funny stuff.  I love it… very 80s and contemporary at the same time.

Anyway,  I’m taking a 24 hour break from audio to focus on visual elements.  Hopefully I’ll get some things shot.  I have the following left to do:

  • Burning sun shot.
  • Scalp rip over alien head
  • 1/3 of stabbing montage
  • End credits shot (requires completion of FX skull)
  • Car Stalking
  • ECU of script title.
  • ECU of antiseptic mouth wash
  • Bug stuff

Wish me luck!


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