I’ve got a second…

So I’m transcoding another rough cut to bluray (I’ve been having a ton of issues with encore burning bad blurays), and I’ve got a second to talk.

Almost all of that list on the epic timeline post is complete.  There’s still the car stalking shot, but snow is preventing me from shooting that without a really weird continuity error.  Since I’m using those as a tool of sorts, I can’t have them without any sort of meaning to the film.  Where’s that heat wave when you need it?

Chris Bruemmer and I shot a couple of things yesterday including the credits shot.  It’s a pretty cool skull I made most of.  Chris finished it quite nicely with some mortician’s putty.  Did you know that crickets eat waxworms?  I thought that was really weird.  I probably should have gotten some diopter footage of that, but just take my word for it.

Tomorrow, Mike and I begin mixing audio for this thing.  I stress the word BEGIN.  This is probably going to be a long and tedious process.  There are still a lot of sound effects and foley to lay in.  ADR for Bill wont come until the end of the month, so this is very preliminary.

Another boring post.  I’ll give you a photo next time.


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