Epic Timeline pt. 2

epictimeline2If all goes as planned, Coyote will be complete (sans Oberst and Mullen ADR and the score) by tomorrow evening.  My job will be nearly finished, except for that whole promotion and exhibition part.  In 2 hours or so, I’ll have all available elements placed, synched, mixed, and edited.  It is EXHAUSTING trying to perform the work of an entire post production house as one person.  I think I’ve spent at least 10 hours a day since December 27 on this thing.

Tomorrow, I’ll take one final pass at foley since I seem to miss elements on every viewing.  There’s also one more rotoscope I need to do.  It’s at about 50% right now.  There’s some processing and color grading to do on a couple of shots still, but that’s all really, really close to completion.

Mike Schiralli  came over a couple of days ago and embarrassed me with my lack of knowledge of adobe premiere’s audio plugins.  I’ve been experimenting a little the last couple of days, and I think I’m a stronger editor for it now.  Thanks, Mike.

Short blog post!  I’m going to run to my basement to film a dangling lady’s foot, and a corpse before it gets deep into the AM.



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