Monthly Archives: April 2013

VOD and Midnight Screening

Film’s done.  What’s next?

I’ve been trying to wrap my head around putting Coyote on some kind of on-demand service.  Vimeo wants 200 dollars to let you ask for money?  That’s a little steep considering they’re also taking 10% of whatever you charge.  Not much fun looking elsewhere either.  Aggregators like distribber charge a hefty fee for getting your film on netflix and itunes.  It seems like as an emerging distribution channel opens, companies try to take advantage of artists when they could use the incredible ease that online distribution provides to at least cut an honest deal with the filmmaker.

Any of you who claimed a pre-screener on indiegogo will probably get a private link from youtube of all places.

We’re mixed in 5.1 now.  It sounds great, but I’m just dreading authoring this to dvd and bluray though.

Oh, my, I do like that projection…


April 26th, we premiere.  I’ve got everything in order with the projector and sound.  My last two screenings came off of a dvd, and sounded like garbage.  I’m really happy to have a quality screening.  Speaking of that.  The show is free and strategically located in St. Louis, Missouri to deny my blog readers from attending.  In the unlikely event that any of you can attend, here’s the flyer for the thing: