Nick Brian Walters

About Nick

I am a computer technician turned Cinematographer and started later then most in the entertainment business turning my efforts towards comedy, and eventually finding that all genres of film present a wonderful outlet for my sometimes unconventional problem solving skills, use of strange angles in Cinematography, and odd sense of humor.

I stay active in the St. Louis Independent film scene, and have worked extensively with a number of production companies being a Cinematographer, Director Of Photography, Underwater Cinematographer, Cameraman, Steadicam Operator, B-unit Cameraman, 1st Assistant Cameraman, 2nd Assistant Cameraman, ADR Recordist, Grip, Actor, Extra, as well as a number of other positions.

My works have been mainly within the digital realm, ranging from early VHS works to HD. Some of my more interesting capabilities and equipment include Steadicam, Anamorphics, 35mm Depth Of Field adapter, and I’m currently developing HDRV(High Dynamic Range Video) techniques.

Nick’s Videos


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