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“The movie isn’t shy to be brutal or explicit, but it’s all about the psychological turmoil.” – Ronny Carlsson

“The real thrust of this film is an immersive a/v experience from loaded with distorted lenses, bright colors, and an aggressive sound mix, augmented with a sterling electronic score” – Nathaniel Thompson

“It makes you squirm and takes you out of your comfort zone.” – Greg Baty

“Mind-blowingly entertaining, fucked up, and at times beautiful.” – Misty Layne

“This is possibly one of the most interesting and disturbing trips into a whirlpool of pure insanity laced in an acid trip of a nightmare that I have ever seen. Screw drugs watch Coyote.” – Abraham Phillips

“Coyote is a rare gem that doesn’t conform to the typical mainstream ‘mental breakdown’ movies that are out there today.” – Kris Anger

“Coyote always felt like something wasn’t right. Something was off. The word is completely overused these days but Coyote is a surreal film because there is less of a distinction between the nightmares and the reality. Technically, it all looks and feels like a nightmare.” – Preston Carnell

“I felt as though I was either witnessing or actually having a very strange trip; surreal, bizarre, dark, emotional” – Deborah Blount

“It is a film that you don’t understand, rather you hold on, or get lost forever.” – Mike Thomas

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